Highway 29 Corridor Study

Public Involvement

Public involvement is integral to the success of the Hwy 29 Corridor Study. The Consultants along with Lilburn Community Improvement District will facilitate stakeholder involvement through series of project management, core team, and community meetings; in addition to, the project website, community survey, and other flyers/ announcements.  These tasks will be documented through meeting notices, meeting summaries and other written communications.

The public involvement process for the Hwy 29 Corridor Study includes the following components:

Project Management Team
The Project Management Team includes a representative from the Lilburn CID, the consultant, Gwinnett Village CID, the ARC, the GDOT and associated agencies such as Gwinnett County, City of Lilburn, etc. This team shall meet monthly to discuss the study progress.

Core Team
The Core Team includes members of the Project Management Team, representatives from key stakeholder groups in the study area, as well as representatives from relevant state, regional and local government departments responsible for land use planning, transportation and housing (including applicable housing authorities/agencies). The Core Team will meet approximately one week before each Community Meeting to review and comment on materials to be presented to the public, help advertise meetings, and distribute information to the larger community.

Community Meetings
Community meetings will be held throughout the 6-month planning effort to allow for participation from all stakeholders in the study area during all phases of the planning process. Meeting notices will be distributed throughout the study area (in print and digital format) prior to each Community Meeting. The five Community Meetings will cover the following: Plan Initiation, Creation of Vision & Goals, Compare Concepts & Placemaking Components, Review Draft Corridor Study and Present Final Draft Corridor Study. Please see the Project Schedule for dates, time and location.

Transportation Coordination Meeting
A transportation project coordination meeting shall be conducted prior to finalizing the Corridor Plan recommendations. Often times, transportation projects are affected by other organization (e.g. GDOT, GRTA, transit agency, city/county and potentially effected CID's in Gwinnett County). To ensure the projects are feasible, a coordination meeting will be held (if relevant) between the CID, ARC and other affected organizations to discuss potential projects prior to the transportation improvement list being finalized.